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Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

Aggressive Representation

I’ve been practicing Personal Injury Law for years. Because I have worked for insurance companies and government entities, I am well-acquainted with the best ways to maximize the value of a case and successfully navigate defense tactics. Unfortunately, many people settle for less than they should because they are poorly represented, choosing an attorney baed on billboards and expensive ads. Some very valuable cases have settled for small amounts, or worse--been dismissed because of a technicality.  Impersonal, disinterested attorneys can compromise the value of a case.  My clients have a different experience. 

You can count on Hrnicek Law and my personal attention to fight for you.  

Significant cases include:  

Mistreatment by government healthcare providers; Wrongful deaths of inmates; Parapalegia and quadrapalegia arising out of motorcycle accident; Neck and back surgery injuries from motor vehicle accidents.

Contract Review
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